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On the hunt



Just when we thought our state's noodling legacy was as weird as it was gonna get, here come the greyhounds.

Apparently, according to a piece in The New York Times, hunting coyotes with greyhounds is tradition in the state's Elgin neck of the woods. But of course it is.

"This is exactly what they're born and bred to do," cattle rancher and greyhound owner John Hardzog told The Times. "Yep, this is what they live for."

C'mon, NYT, did you have to include the "yep"? We're already leading a race for "redneckiest" thanks to our good ol' Legislature, was the "yep" really necessary?

Oh, but just wait: Hardzog is then described as wearing pressed Wrangler jeans, a "rodeo belt buckle the size of a bread plate" and capping off a sentence by "spitting snuff into a tiny, gold spittoon."

A spittoon? Do those actually exist? We don't know what we're cringing more at: the ridiculous caricature of "real Oklahoma man" the NYT found to interview or how obviously excited it is to detail us backwoods, kissin' cousin folks.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go eat us some chicken-fried chicken before the big noodling event down at the swimmin' hole.


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