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One-man-band El Paso Hot Button charges out of the brush for a combat-rock CD release show



On Saturday, El Paso Hot Button will officially release the "Jungle Fever" EP, a split-album effort with Attractive and Popular, a Hot Springs, Ark.-based rock band whose half of the album is titled "Live from Hell."

Both bands will join local rockers The Neighborhood, DJ John Bourke and Sunshine Bear for a Saturday show at The Conservatory. Keeping with the spirit of the jungle, Reece said concertgoers who wear camouflage to the show will get a $2 discount at the door.

"Jungle" is rawer and harsher than Reece's previous releases, a fiery brand of combat rock that quickly paints a place resembling Vietnam in the Sixties with the title track's banshee wails, bass, hypnotic drum beats and siren-toned licks. "Hot as Fuck" sears the ears before a smooth time change allows a catch of breath.

Reece may have started packing crowds at shows with his white man's blues during a time when The White Stripes were rising to national prominence, but he said he picked the genre because it suited his stripped-down setup. His 2005 album "Turtle Wars" showed just how much sound one guy could pack with a kick drum, guitar and collected audio samples.

"Blues was the easiest thing to do with no bass," he said. "With any other kind of music, it's not really accepted to use just one guitar." " Danny Marroquin 

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