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Open-meeting law causes challenge in Oklahoma town



Those pesky open meetings laws. They just clog up everything.

The Kiowa City Council had trouble at its last meeting approving anything " it was short a quorum. Yvonne Miller with The Alva Review-Courier reported four of the six council members were present, including Mayor Ronnie Domnick. One council member had told his fellow councilors he would not be present.

That left councilman Rick Hitchcock as the unexplained no-show. Miller reported the council waited until 8:30 p.m. Councilman Bill Watson tried calling Hitchcock on his cell phone and home phone. No luck.

Finally, interim city administrator Carol Bloodworth told the council it could discuss items on the agenda but had to avoid voting on any matters.

So here is what council member Hitchcock missed, as reported by Miller: Kiowa City Police Chief Stan Holt told everyone he has been diagnosed with intestinal cancer. This is going to cause a problem since the town's only other policeman still needs some required training but won't be able to leave town.

Business owner Tom Wells complained the city is responsible for damage to his business since the city did not take care of a wiring problem attached to a pole near it.

Because of Hitchcock's unexcused absence, the council could not discuss hiring a new city administrator or its upcoming deadline for a city budget. Petty stuff " nothing to worry about.

The council announced it would try to meet the next day, if it could get a quorum.

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