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Opposing our city's progress'



Voting "yes" for MAPS has proven to be the best choice for OKC on MAPS 1 and MAPS 2. Trusting the process and the visible results of these two programs, I choose to fully support MAPS 3 with my 'yes' vote on Dec. 8, 2009.

Union business agents have no good intention opposing our city's progress without a full open vote of their unions'  membership.

Citing a memorandum from the city manager stating that "all departments to cut their budgets by 2 percent," John George and his union supporters are obviously resentful.

"Resentment always hurts you more than the person you resent," according Rick Warren, author of "Purpose Driven Life."

"Gone too far?"  A memorandum? How petty, how small. My fate and trust in the individual Oklahoma City police  officer and Oklahoma City fireman is by far much, much larger than such small-minded, resentful thinking. You can never motivate a person with the reverse of a good idea.

Yes, I trust OKC and MAPS 3.

"David Teague Randolph Smith

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