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OSP tackles Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'



"Something wicked this way comes," one of Macbeth's witches says as he approaches. When a sorceress tags human royalty so coldly, you know you're in for a darkly chilling ride.

In Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park's "Macbeth," Tyler Woods and Erin Anderson have a strong chemistry that works as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Their youthfulness helps to explain the couple's assumption that nothing can touch them. It makes it easier to identify with them as rash people of action, undone by their lack of moral center.

This uninformed, overriding ambition is often a product of youth, and in this case, it makes it all the more heartbreaking to see a man no more than 30 not only accepting the inevitability of his downfall, but finally rushing headlong into it for the promise of a moment's peace.

Both actors shine in capturing the couple's journey into darkness. Director Kathryn McGill has assembled a strong cast to support them, especially Rick Cheek as Macduff and Greg Eskridge as a heartbroken Banquo. And the sultry witches play beautifully as spirits who seem to have ghosts in their pockets.

"?Linda McDonald


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