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OU lacrosse team hoping for breakthrough season



For all the physicality of hockey without the ice, lacrosse is your game. Three years ago, the University of Oklahoma established a men's lacrosse team, and this new season marks its first with an official coach, Max Dugan, which helps with confidence.

"When you start a new program like this, it's always slow and incremental at first," senior defender David Floyd said. "I think we have shown dramatic improvement the last three years. We've gone from nobodies to someone others have to look out for."

For the uninitiated, lacrosse utilizes "sticks" with a netted pocket on the end to catch and throw a small rubber ball. Ten players per team are on the field all the time.

"It's action-packed. There's always something going on," Dugan said. "The ball go will go from the goal line to the other end of the field with one quick pass. You can score two to three goals in a matter of seconds."

Unlike varsity teams, club teams don't get scholarships and the university doesn't pay for the equipment or trainers.

"It's the true essence of student-athlete," Roop said. "These guys pay to play." "Charles Martin


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