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OU School of Art and Art History holds chili fund-raiser



ry, said there should be many varieties of chili to sample.

"We have challenged all the faculty and staff to do the contest," she said.  "We'll have vegetarian and regular chili, hot and spicy, bean and no bean chili.  Everyone has their own secret recipe."

Watson said the process for making the 100 individual bowls for the event was extremely time consuming.

"It took several students three to four hours to throw 100 pots and three to four more hours to trim all the pots," she said. "The next step was the first firing, which took 48 hours, and then they took them out and glazed them with a variety of colors. Then, it's back in the stoneware kiln and it takes about another 72 hours with the preheat, firing and cool-down."

Watson said the bowls "? which she expected to sell quickly "? will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Admission with chili and a handmade bowl is $15, and chili without a ceramic bowl is $8.

For more information, call 325-2691.

"?James Lovett


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