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Our country 'tis of we



You'd think that in distilling 400 years of history into 12 hours, Oklahoma might get short-shrifted. Well, pardner, you thought wrong!

Last weekend, The History Channel began airing "America: The Story of Us," which the cable network describes as "an epic 12-hour television event that tells the extraordinary story of how America was invented." The sixth episode, set to debut May 9, will include a mini-documentary highlighting Oklahoma's early banking community.

According to a PR representative, it will discuss how one T.M. Richardson opened the first bank in Oklahoma, owned today by Bank of America. In doing so, he helped bring the railroad to the rural areas of the state.

T.M. Richardson, we salute you! (But we really wish you were on History Channel's "Pawn Stars." We'd even settle for "Ax Men.")

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