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Our Facebook is better than your Facebook



At least, no. 1 when it comes to Facebook. And when we say "we," we mean the University of Oklahoma (but since everyone seems to talk about what "we" did on the field, "we" figure it's cool to go with the royal pronoun).

Anyway,, the official Web site of OU athletics, announced last week that at approximately 10:55 a.m. on Jan. 21, the Oklahoma Athletics Department Facebook page slipped on by the 75,000-fan mark. That makes OU's Facebook page the most popular of the Big 12. Suck on that, Texas!

Even more, OU also has the No. 1 Twitter feed and the No. 1 YouTube channel among Big 12 schools, according to Sooner Sports.

Ha! Bet that has Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, a Mizzou alum, rethinking his statements about moving to the Big 10. If you remember a few weeks ago in the illustrious pages of Chicken-Fried News, we covered Nixon when he said this:

"I'm not going to say anything bad about the Big 12, but when you compare Oklahoma State to Northwestern, when you compare Texas Tech to Wisconsin, I mean, you begin looking at educational possibilities that are worth looking at."

Yeah, but are you looking at Facebook possibilities? That's right, we didn't think" wha?
Oh, never mind. Turns out Ohio State (those Big 10 Buckeyes) have the overall No. 1 Facebook page for college football.

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