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Our taxes are better than yours



The best-ranked component for the state was property taxes. Oklahoma has the 4th lowest state and local collections average, at $642 per person.

Among states with an individual income tax, Oklahoma was the 22nd lowest. The state’s corporate income tax ranked 17th lowest, down from 9th lowest in 2010. We also ranked 36th for 2013.

General sales tax is 4.5 percent, 1.5 percent under the national average. Locally and statewide, governments collect $1,278 in combined general and excise taxes, making Oklahoma the 19th lowest nationally.

Oklahoma taxes on gasoline and cigarettes, 17 cents and $1.03 respectively, ranked 5th and 22nd. said that even though Oklahoma ranked 36th, the state is ahead in areas “that really count.”

The top 10 states were Wyoming, South Dakota, Nevada, Alaska, Florida, Washington, Montana, New Hampshire, Utah and Indiana.

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