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OU's 'The Man Who Came to Dinner' serves up a helping of holiday hilarity



a great match for Whitmire.

The second act introduces Beverly Carlton, based on famous English Renaissance man Noel Coward, played with ridiculous zeal and silky-smooth perfection by Colin Welch.

Kevin Percival joins the action in Act 3 as Whiteside's friend Banjo, based on Harpo Marx, in a turn that is mad and wonderful. Percival's is a live wire, masterfully darting between almost bipolar extremes. Loud outbursts featuring a gruff voice are followed up by quiet moments of pure physical comedy.

The rest of the supporting cast is pretty solid, with notable turns by Addie Work as the loony Harriet Stanley and Brad Brockman as reporter Bert Jefferson.

The jaw-droppingly gorgeous set designed by Paige Hathaway is simply one of the finest I've ever seen. It's as if they transported the interior of a stately mansion on to the stage. Noel Huntzinger's costumes are equally wonderful.

Director Russell Treyz brings his experience in New York and regional theaters across the country to bear, creating a production that, while not the most subtle affair, is dynamite entertainment thanks the strong performances and excellent mix of verbal, physical and situational comedy and killer production values. "?Eric Webb


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