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Reviewer's grade: A


Angela Bridges (Rachel Nichols) is a hardworking career gal who's so dedicated to her legal briefs that she's staying late in her office building on Christmas Eve. As she tries to get out of the building and to her family's holiday dinner, Angela runs into one obstacle after another, including a broken car, a locked building and a psychotic parking garage attendant named Thomas (Wes Bentley).


Unbeknownst to her (but obvious to us), Angela won't make her family get-together, and she might never leave the building at all. In the classic Gothic horror tradition, Thomas chases Angela around while she tries to figure out how to get out and stay alive. Will she? Of course.


But what will she have to endure, and how badly will she be hurt in the meantime? The fun (and kind of scary) part is finding out. While definitely not the most creative concept in the world, good acting, creepy camera angles, pacing and solid direction make "P2" worth seeing. R


"?Mike Robertson 


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