There are most certainly perks. Cereal for dinner, for example. Not having a bedtime is a selling point, for sure. Having a bank account is cool, especially when it has money in it.

During school days of yesteryear, early rising and mandatory classes got in the way for me a lot.

But something that couldn’t really be topped was that feeling I’d get the night before a new school year.

I’d excitedly shop for notebooks, pencils, crayons and, of course, a new backpack. I’d pack it all up just so and set it right beside my bed, ready to jump up as soon as my alarm clock buzzed the next morning.

For some children, however, the beginning of a new school year isn’t quite so exciting. For them, getting the basic supplies isn’t even an option.

So, this year, when you’re purchasing supplies for your kids, extend some happiness if you can.

Maybe the kiddos need school uniforms? Try Parker School Uniforms (9606 N. May; 748-6066). While there, pick up an extra outfit or two and donate to City Rescue Mission’s back-to-school program.

Right now, City Rescue Mission (800 W. California; 232-2709) is accepting donations of uniforms, supplies, backpacks or money, and everything can be dropped off at the facility. The program is geared toward making the transition for homeless children into the public school system as seamless as possible.

For some backpacks, consider Backpacks with a Purpose (BWAP), which has partnered with DNA Galleries (1709 N.W. 16th; 525- 3499). Not only is BWAP’s product well-made and trendy, every retail
pack you pick up means the company will provide two to children in need.
Talk about spreading the love. Think about it: Buy a donation BWAP and
two more get donated! You’ve just helped three kids in need.

Maybe you want to treat a kiddo to something extra special.

Blue Seven (7518 N. May; 604- 5199) now proudly carries Herschel backpacks, a high-quality item that operates on the trendier side of things. Maybe you don’t have any kids in your life, but you want to help out. That’s more than OK, too.

It doesn’t matter where you buy the goods; every little bit helps out a child who might otherwise have to start a school year sans the night-before excitement. Let’s shop, OKC!

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