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Paint the town Red



that red dress out of the closet and bust out the emergency fund,
because Saturday, you’ll need them both at the Red Night bachelor

“The goal for
Red Night is to showcase the work that the YWCA does to help women and
their families, and to assist them by raising as much money as we can,”
said Sara Cowan, community relations manager for Deep Fork Group. “We
believe the work that YWCA does is valuable and life-changing.”

is the only shelter for battered women and children in Oklahoma City,
and the agency provides extensive services in counseling, support
groups, child care, economic empowerment and case management.

right, Jabee is just one of the bachelors up for auction at Red Night.

raised at Red Night will help the YWCA provide critical services to
families so they may heal and begin rebuilding their lives after violence,” said Rachel Williams, YWCA public relations and development coordinator.

give a little philanthropic incentive to the event, emceed by KOKH- TV
25’s Jaime Cerreta, a solid lineup of bachelors will be auctioned,
including local musicians, a chef, a politician and entrepreneurs (see

“I’m not
really the ‘cool’ type. [It’s] kind of scary because people have to bid
on you,” said local hip-hop fave Jabee Williams. “When she said it was
for charity, I was down.”

bachelor is charged with building a special date-night package for the
winning bidder, including a dinner and night on the town reflective of
each man’s life and interests. Deep Fork and Ludivine have donated gift
certificates to help with planning.

“It’s not going to be a ‘normal’ date. It’ll be fun, though,” said Williams.

top of that, any money spent to secure said date will go directly
toward programs for child abuse victims, upkeep of shelter and long-term
needs that aid more than 400 women and children a year.

And the bachelors are ...

Clarke Harris — entrepreneur
Dave Rhea
— managing editor at The Journal Record
— hip-hop artist
Ryan Lawson — musician (Hack & Saw Nation)
Johnathan Kayne
— designer
Christopher Sommer — editor and entrepreneur
Dr. Ed Shadid — surgeon and city councilman
Brandon Tabor
— personal trainer/DJ
Brantley Cowan — musician (Modern Rock Diaries)
— hip-hop artist
Luke Fry — chef

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