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Pancakes spur Oklahoma City man's altercation, arrest



What a flap, Jack.


A man was arrested by Oklahoma City police last week after he found his flapjacks lacking, according to a story by KWTV Channel 9.


According to police reports cited by KWTV, Jacob Andrew Laws, 28, was upset about his pancakes and started a breakfast brawl with his wife. The victim said a cooking comment started an argument, but the pancake flap didn't cause the ruckus.


"It wasn't about pancakes," the wife told KWTV. "It wasn't about breakfast. It had nothing to do with that part of it."


Police said the woman and her friend went to a police briefing station, where officers photographed red marks on her face and neck, the station reported.


Police have not yet released photos of her injuries.


It seems that Laws was no stranger to sticky legal syrup, reportedly having arrest warrants in Canadian County for DUI and fraudulent check charges, according to KWTV. Laws was arrested by OKC police Feb. 11 on a complaint of domestic abuse and assault and battery, just in time for Valentine's Day.

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