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Mary Beth Babcock is a Bartlesville native and holds a bachelor’s degree in retail merchandising from OSU. She was Oklahoma Today’s 2011 Oklahoman of the Year. She opened Dwelling Spaces in Tulsa’s Blue Dome District in 2006 and opened her second location in Wayne Coyne’s Womb Gallery in November 2012. Dwelling Spaces is a fun gift shop featuring unique gifts made by artists all over the world with an emphasis on Oklahoma artists. T-shirts, artwork, jewelry, books, Bigfoot merchandise... the list goes on. Hours are noon-7 p.m. Tue.-Sat. Visit Womb Gallery when you stop to see the gift shop. Visit

Brian Fitzsimmons is
your worst nightmare. He spends his days as principal architect at
Fitzsimmons Architects, with his head buried deep in sets of drawings,
laughing maniacally. He designs awesome projects for the metro area and
plucks up esteemed awards here and there from various prestigious
professional groups. Like a modern-day Renfield, his nights are spent
haunting the neighborhood bars and lounges, looking for trouble and
snacking on living creatures, hoping to make their life-force his own.
He has a taste for hoppy beers, cheap cheese and blood.

Stephen Kovash is an
artist, owner and manager of the Istvan Gallery. He is Oklahoma City
Arts commissioner and president of the Plaza District Association.
Kovash also is a longtime board member of the Oklahoma Visual Arts
Coalition. His secret life includes saving the environment during the
day. Due to an environmental experiment gone wrong, he hasn’t slept
since 1987. Others just assume he died and kept working. He still has 
great hair.

Ferris O’Brien has more than 20 years experience in radio. He got his
start at the original Edge in Dallas and is one of the few remaining
music tastemakers in the business. Ferris worked for the first Spy in
Stillwater, and in 2009 he acquired the name and transitioned it from
105.3 to a successful web-based radio station. O’Brien curates a unique radio format that features more than 15 specialty shows. In August
2012, The Spy joined forces with KOSU broadcasting on 91.7 in OKC and
107.5 in Tulsa and worldwide at

E. Michael Whittington
is president and CEO of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.
Before he was
inducted into the dark arts (also known as administration), Mike was a
curator specializing in pre-Columbian art. With a well-earned reputation
for machete-wielding and reckless bravado, Whittington hacked his way
through snake-infested rain forests in search of ancient cities and
monuments. Still, he is terrified of clowns and mimes, and nervous about
escalators. Mike’s hobbies include eating Korean food, bowling and
riding roller coasters. Whittington’s dream is to win the lottery,
purchase every accordion known to humankind and destroy them all in a giant bonfire.

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