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Party-rock band Sodder hails from Woodward



After they leave their day jobs, four friends trade in grade books, wrenches and briefcases for a cramped stage and a rowdy crowd as they come together as Sodder , the anything-goes alt-rock/pop band from Woodward.

"When people ask about us, they always say, 'Who do you sound like?' And all I can say is, 'We sound like Sodder,'" said Jennifer Newton, the lead singer and only female band member. "We're just such a mix of everything. There's no other way to explain it."

With musical influences ranging from Led Zepplin and Metallica to Green Day and Evanescence, it's easy to see why Sodder's style doesn't fit into a single category.

"There are just so many different people who want to hear different things depending on what kind of a mood they're in, so we try to surprise them with every song we do," she said.

As different as the members are, they all agree on one thing: It's not the performance that makes the show " it's the audience who makes the band perform.
"You know when you're at a concert, and you swear the musician is looking right at you, and you feel like you're in the band, like you're on stage with them? We want everyone to feel like that," Newton said.

It's not uncommon to find her out in the crowd, handing her wireless microphone off to a sweaty, energetic fan, while she dances alongside, catching her breath.

"We want to give back as much energy as they give us," she said. "Lauren Parajon

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