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Paseo Artists Association honors four state artists



Four state artists will be honored Friday at the Paseo Artists Association'sannual Oklahoma Artists of the Year Award ceremony.

Awards will be issued 6 p.m. Friday at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, 1000 N. Broadway. The association has named Sue Clancy of Norman and Mark Lewis of Tulsa as Artists of the Year. The pair is being recognized for exploring society's perceptions and for stimulating artistic growth and community awareness.

Betty Price, a former Oklahoma Arts Council director who has served on numerous state art, preservation and historical committees, will be given a lifetime achievement award and OKC fiber artist Sue Moss Sullivan will receive the Michi Susan Award.

In her artist's statement, Clancy said she explores "the relationship between words and images and how they give birth to the narratives that give our lives meaning, definition, shape and color. I'm interested in how layers of individual story elements combine to create world views."

Exposing a mental narrative heavily influenced by pattern, she builds layered vignettes with hundreds of hand-cut pieces of paper. Combining these pieces helps the Norman artist manipulate and explore patterns and shapes while creating a conceptual story with literal and figurative meaning.

For Mark Lewis, painting is a visual language created through observation. Each painting evolves as a response to life experiences, creating a "painted dialogue" between the Tulsa artist and the world around him.

Lewis cites a jazz improvisation analogy for his painting's motifs in his artist's statement. Painting as response to life, just as "a jazz musician might think of a standard tune," he said. Like musicians, his pieces are built as he becomes more familiar with them.

Perception and its effect on life is a tool used by both Clancy and Lewis. She engages her audience in the act of humorous observation, while he invites audiences to join his painted dialogue.

Tickets are $50. For more information, call 525-2688. "?Natalie Burkey


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