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Paseo gallery exhibits 'PhotoFest'



Seeing pictures that marry photography and art is a snap, thanks to a current exhibit showing through Sept. 27 at JRB Art at The Elms, 2810 N. Walker.

 "PhotoFest" showcases 15 artists whose pictures have garnered acclaim locally and internationally.

"Photography has been witness to the most rapid changes of our industrialized world," said Sean Stone, the gallery's manager and co-curator, in a press release. "Rather than leave behind these old techniques, contemporary photographers incorporate old and new, and this is what we have captured in our 'PhotoFest' exhibit."

Added co-curator Dustin Hamby, "The lines between darkroom and digital are more blurred than we might think. This blending of the old and new is what makes contemporary photography so compelling."

Perhaps the best example of the merging of the ages is Maggie Taylor's "Subject to Change," in which an archival photo is transformed into a surreal portrait of a mustachioed man with a tree growing out of his head. Since 1996, she has assembled these fanciful prints by scanning images, rather than using a camera.

Steven Katzman's "Millipede" may be a still life of a pair of the many-legged bug, but his stark approach makes the insects look more like perfectly rolled metal coils.

That's not to say everything in "PhotoFest" is overly esoteric. Brett Weston's "End of 42nd" is a black-and-white shot of New York City, with the Chrysler Building poking up in the background among brick structures of varying angles of interest.

For more information, call 528-6336.

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