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Pastor is right: Citty should resign



Mr. Citty's extreme anti-freedom, anti-gun views are 100 percent out of whack with the views of the people of Oklahoma City, the rank-and-file police officers under his charge, and the fundamental civil right contained in the second amendment to the Constitution.

Mr. Citty is quoted as saying "There's no place for that kind of weapon in our civil communities." Really? Then I suppose he needs to get busy disarming his own officers, some of whom carry AR-15-style rifles in their patrol cars for their protection. Surely he's not suggesting that the lives of police officers are more valuable than any other Oklahoma citizen, tens of thousands of whom also use AR-15-style rifles to defend themselves and their families from violent criminals, such as the illegal alien thug who tried to kill the fine officer Katie Lawson?

The quotes from Sam Bowman and Pete White are just too stupid for comprehension, frankly, and warrant no legitimate response. But Citty is clearly looking to secure a career upgrade for himself, to a big liberal northern city police department with his ridiculous anti-civil-rights statements, so I say that we help him: Loudly join the call for his immediate resignation or firing, so that we can help him along his way out of OKC — and the further away, the better!

Chief Citty can be reached at 701 Colcord Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73102 or 297-1000. The full text of Mr. Vineyard’s excellent letter can be viewed here.

—Daniel J. Stoner
Oklahoma City

Stoner is an Oklahoma City attorney.

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