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Paul McCartney makes overnight Oklahoma City stop



We're not sure what former Beatle Paul McCartney meant when he sang "Oklahoma was never like this" in his 1986 hit single "Press," but perhaps he'd like to revise it following his most recent trip here.

Oh, you mean you weren't invited to dine with Sir Paul when he was in town last week? Yeah, neither were we.

According to an Associated Press report, McCartney and girlfriend Nancy Shevell stopped in Oklahoma City for the night of Aug. 5 while getting their kicks on Route 66. The couple reportedly dined at Nonna's Euro-American Ristorante and Bar in Bricktown, where they ate spinach quiche, an item requested that was not on the menu. (Hard to believe Paul can still afford Nonna's, having just shelled out $48.6 million in his nasty divorce to one-legged "Dancing with the Stars" loser Heather Mills.)

After the two-hour dinner, McCartney and Shevell spent the night at the nearby Skirvin Hotel, AP reported.

That's all fine and good, but what's with the quiche, Paul? Real men don't eat quiche. Here, even in defiance to Mayor Mick Cornett's weight loss initiative, they eat hot wings and nachos.

At any rate, we're just amazed that the legendary musician was allowed to eat in peace. We totally would've been all up in his face, asking him to autograph our cassette of the "Spies Like Us" soundtrack. (And if it had been poor Ringo instead, nobody may have even noticed.)

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