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Pausing to ponder



The Commentary of Phil G. Busey Sr., "What would they say today?" (June 16, Gazette), gave me a pause to ponder about our country's direction in the current time capsule.

Sentimentality aside, when one looks at the pictures of early settlers who cleared Ellis Island, they arrived with almost nothing " what they had is what they had on. They didn't seem to have special genes. Their pockets were probably empty, but their hearts must have been full of zeal to start anew with the New World.

The pioneer spirit held the communities together, as there were no government handouts. They worked and worked and eventually enriched themselves and enriched America, making it the greatest and richest country in the world.

While we can't turn the clock backward, we emphasize to our children that a nation that doesn't know how it became great will not remain great.

 "Dr. Johnny B. Roy

Roy, a urologist born in Iraq, is a recent Republican candidate for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District.

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