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Paying the price



There are so many ways to spin the phrase "crime doesn't pay." It usually involves a bank robber or some high-crime robbery going bad and ending in jail time.

But for one Yukon man, the price of the alleged payoff couldn't have compensated the time behind bars.

Police reported that Tyler Walker Challis found the two quarters and nickel too tempting from the middle console of a vehicle parked at an apartment complex. According to a News9 report, the owner of the car spotted Challis getting into the vehicle. The owner confronted the alleged low-stakes burglar who said he was just returning some CDs for a friend. Then he took off.

When police came to the complex, a witness identified Challis, who just happened to live in the complex as well. He then told the police the same story he told the woman. Challis confessed to lifting 55 cents.

He was booked into the Yukon city jail, which probably cost the city more than Challis collected from the car.

Yes, once again, crime doesn't pay. In this case, however, earnings from the haul would help pay for a phone call to get an attorney.  The suspect faces a second-degree burglary charge.

Next time, if the pressure of having enough money to supersize a value meal is too great, just go for a late swim in a public fountain. There are always coins from folks wishing to hit the lottery.

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