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Peach — Peachy-P



On its 15-minute debut, Oklahoma City fusion trio Peach seems content playing on words and naming the last song “Short Record.” And setting its genre at “metal” when it pulls up in the listener’s iTunes library.

For all this and the casual, greasy-lounge feel of some of these songs, I wonder how serious these guys are (certainly more so than a local rap submission I received earlier this year from something called Keezy Mac), because Aslan Crawley demonstrates some serious John Mayer-type guitar chops here.

“Ain’t No Rehab” stands out in particular, riffing all over the place before spilling out lines like “Ain’t no doctor to stitch this back together, babe!” It’s funny and endearing, the kind of pop hook you don’t hear often enough from local artists.

If anything’s wrong with “Peachy-P,” it’s that it’s awfully short, but I suppose that’s probably a product of the band’s short existence. Bassist Kevin Dunaway and drummer Connor Pruitt seem more like a backdrop in the rhythm section, but given more time together, they’ll morph into a propulsive force.

And bonus points for the individually placed wax seal on the EP, dudes! Anybody who ever put anything out on SST Records — while I doubt they’d care much for your genre — would be proud of that finishing touch. —Matt Carney

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