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It seems the Christians started the erection trend last year when a monument of the 10 Commandments was, yes, erected near the south steps of Oklahoma’s statehouse. Now, Satanists and Hindus want their own monument built in honor of their beliefs.

So what would a monument to Satan look like? Would it be the traditional little devil with a red cape, pointed ears and a pitchfork?

Or would the monument be a tribute to Marilyn Manson, the wildeyed, demon- looking musician who often resembled the anti-Christ himself?

what about the Hindu monument? Supposedly, the Universal Society of
Hinduism wants permission to place a statue of Lord Hanuman, who was
revered and worshipped and known for his incredible strength and perfect
grammar. Hinduism is thought to be the oldest and third largest
religion in the world with about one billion followers.

all these religious folks want monuments, what about the agnostics or
the atheists? The atheists really don’t believe in anything at all, so
we’re guessing their monument space would be empty.

the better solution is to prohibit all religious monuments on the
Capitol grounds and focus on creating a better, more efficient and
responsible government that Oklahomans can trust.

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