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In June, addiction experts at an American Medical Association meeting discussed whether to consider "video game addiction" as a distinct mental illness (ultimately deciding to await further study), but one month later, in Reno, Nev., a couple in their early 20s were arrested and charged with abusing their two toddlers by ignoring them for long stretches of time while playing the game Dungeons & Dragons. According to prosecutors, Michael and Iana Straw had plenty of food in their house, but both babies were found severely malnourished and ill in a home marked by squalor except for the expensive computer equipment that occupied the couple nearly all their waking moments.

Prolific Fetishists: Maeyasu Kawamura, 60, indicted in Osaka, Japan, in June (8,000 stolen pieces of women's clothing); Shigeo Kodama, 54, arrested in Hiroshima in February (3,977 panties, 355 bras); a 27-year-old man, accused by police in Waukesha, Wis., in May (1,500 pairs of teenage girls' shoes); Chih Hsien Wu, 43, charged in Fort Collins, Colo., in May (1,300 undergarments belonging to Colorado State University women); Garth Flaherty, 24, charged in Pullman, Wash., in March (1,500 women's undergarments, weighing 93 pounds); Kevin Parrett, 51, sentenced in Faulkton, S.D., in May (800 women's undergarments); Dan Trompke, 37, sentenced in Kearney, Neb., in August (more than 500 women's undergarments).

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