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Personal trainers can help battle winter bulge



Among the rites of spring, the tradition of trying to chisel off extra winter weight in time to squeeze into a bathing suit is as inevitable as seasonal allergies. Personal trainers can be a good way for the exercise-averse to find a routine they can enjoy " or at least live with.

"When you're trying to work with a client, you need a variety to keep it entertaining," said Jesse Adams, the personal training coordinator for Lighthouse Sports, Fitness & Health, 3333 W. Hefner. "Also, when working with a client for a long period of time, you need different equipment to hit all the muscle groups."

The Mid-America Athletic Club, located downtown in Mid-America Tower at 20 N. Broadway, brings personal trainer Allen Glass a much narrower clientele, for whom he maximizes workout regimens to meet their rigid time constraints.

"Our personal trainers have to deal with clients that have 30 minutes to an hour, so the activities are real high-energy," he said. "They are limited to the time and activity level, so we cater to fitness and weight training. You can get a lot in real quick." "Charles Martin


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