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Photo exhibit shows world through photojournalists' eyes



The most memorable events from 2006 can be seen through the lenses of some of the nation's best photojournalists at the International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum's newest exhibit.

Sponsored by the White House News Photographers Association, "The Eyes of History 2007" will run through Sept. 9.

"We're hoping that this exhibit comes annually so the people of Oklahoma City can see the best from Washington every year," said Katie Sutton, IPHF director.

"What I really want to do is capture the raw emotion," said Michael Robinson Chavez, photographer for the Los Angeles Times and WHNPA photographer of the year. "That's what is most important."

Chavez thinks images can make an impact on readers in a different way than print.

"There is a connection "? it's not just some place that's so remote," he said. "There is a direct connection between our lives that happen here in the states and what goes on in these regions."

Jon Elswick, executive board member of the WHNPA and photo editor for The Associated Press, noted that while the photos are works of art, they carry a separate significance.

"It's history," Elswick said. "It's history that's been displayed on the fronts of newspapers, magazines around the world. We have that front seat to history that the general public doesn't have, and part of the job of the photographers of the association is to paint the picture for people who can't be there."

The IPHF is located in the Omniplex, 2100 N.E. 52nd. For more information, call 424-4055 or visit. "?Lauren Hopkins


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