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The metro area provides plenty of divine places to pick up some of the most scrumptious desserts. More important, these delights not only reflect traditional themes but also innovative creations.

Your taste buds will rejoice in culinary ecstasy — minus the dirty pots and pans.

For a slice or whole pie, try out some of the metro’s most pie-friendly locales.

Anyway you slice it, pie is the perfect sweet treat.

Iron Starr Urban Barbeque
3700 N. Shartel

Named for the infamous Oklahoma outlaw, Belle Starr, Iron Starr is a meatlovers’ paradise. Yet, no experience to this neighborhood restaurant is complete without a wedge of their old-fashioned buttermilk pie. The tangy, luscious custard is baked in a deep crust. A slice is $6.50 or $45 to purchase a whole pie, which serves up to 10 people. Advance notice is required for whole pie sales.

Whole Foods market
6001 N. Western
PIE SPECIALTY: Four Season Pie

The new kids on the block bake an in-house specialty to satisfy nearly everyone’s sweet tooth. It is divided into tidy quarters of apple, cherry, blueberry and peach. The top has a lovely lattice-stitched crust. The whole pie retails for $15 and serves four to six people.

Pie Junkie
PIE SPECIALTY: Macadamia-Crusted Key Lime

Using a perfected pie crust recipe from one owner’s grandmother, the treasure here is an elegant macadamia nut-crusted Key lime, which is $16 for a whole pie. A wealth of signature pies, including orange-bourbon pecan, fudge, and lavender-scented chess are made, in addition to such classics as apple, pumpkin and cherry.

If you want to sample some of their fine products by the slice, head to S & B Burger Joint to try peanut butter chocolate or the s’mores pie.

My Bigmama’s Kitchen

Louisiana native Bigmama moved her family in the 1930s to Oklahoma City, where she cooked for a prominent local family. She later owned a cafe and hotel. Although she passed away several years ago, her secret recipe for sweet potato pie lives on and is produced at the family-owned business, My Bigmama’s Kitchen.

It continues to be made with a unique blend of spices and sweet potatoes, which provide that authentic Southern flavor. And don’t tell the cardiologist: Butter is baked directly into the crust. These pies are available for $9.99 at Crest Foods.

Red Velvet Bakery
2824 E. Second, Edmond

If you are looking for more sustenance, Red Velvet Bakery delivers a savory alternative. Baked in a butter crust, its meat pies come in five varieties, although plain chicken and Southwest chicken remain the most popular. The pies, which must be ordered in advance, are pre-cooked and only require an hour to reheat in the oven. It’s fast food from scratch. Red Velvet offers plenty of options for dessert.

Photo by Shannon Cornman

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