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Piece officers? Ewwww. No.



According to a report by Oklahoma Watch, 18 of the 66 Oklahoma peace officers who had certifications revoked or suspended were reprimanded or flat-out surrendered their certification from 2010 to 2012 after they were convicted of or pleaded guilty to sex crimes.

That includes rape, indecent exposure, indecent liberties with children — you know, your average, run-of-the-mill psycho stuff.

Highway Patrol Capt. George Brown assures that the agency’s background
checks, polygraph examinations and psychological evaluations are up to

“We’ll take nothing less than perfect,” Brown told Oklahoma Watch. “These troopers are scrutinized.”

That said, the agency’s measures don’t inherently prevent sex crimes.

“It’s not a perfect science. We can’t control human nature,” Brown said.

... we’re not 100 percent certain that lewd, illegal sex acts
(including those with minors) are really, totally, 100 percent human
nature. But point taken.

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