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Pinback set to storm Bricktown from 'The O.C.'



Although many might recognize the California-based indie-rock band Pinback because of a song they did for Fox network's teen television drama "The O.C," the themes the band explores in other tunes might take more than a prime-time slot to fully understand.

Pinback co-founder Rob Crow said being an endorsement for a large corporate entity isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"It all depends what it is, what it's for, how's it used," Crow said. "Having a song on a television show that I don't watch isn't really that evil of a thing because I'd ask friends, 'Like, hey, do you know this show?' And they go, 'Oh, I love that show.' 'OK, you can use it.' It's not like they're gonna take my song, you know, and slaughter cattle with it."

The twosome will be in Oklahoma City Friday for a performance with drone-metal band OM at the Bricktown Ballroom.

Crow said that music is his only job, and while for some, that may sound like a dream come true, there can be snags in realizing this goal.

"It's terrifying because I have a family," Crow said.

But he said he takes the responsibility in stride. "Bryan Mangieri

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