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Planting perennials gets gardeners most boom for buck



Landscaping during an economic downturn often means firing the help and bending one's own back. But you don't have to go it alone, according to Tommy Precure, manager of Precure Nursery & Garden Center, 8125 W. Reno.

"Don't try to do something too big for you to handle yourself, like putting in trees or big shrubs," he said. "The older people tend want to be self-sufficient, but some things are too big for elderly people to maintain. Don't try to overexert yourself, because it will start getting warmer and people tend to get hot out in the yard."

After that, age and guile beat youth and a strong back. Planting smarter can keep the yard in plenty of green. The trick, Precure said, is planting perennials and reseeding annuals.

"There are lots of annuals and perennials for spring color that are inexpensive. Perennials are great for a budget because you plant them once and they come back next year," he said. "Most people tend to think annuals are prettier, but most annuals you have to replant every year. But there are annuals that reseed. If you plant and they flower, they will reseed and come back next year."

What do Precure staffers recommend? Employee Jerrie Reagan said there is a bloomin' lot from which to choose.

"Oh, my, we have a wide range of perennials. We probably have 150 different kinds," Reagan said. "You have perennials that bloom all season. It really depends on the color and size you want, mainly." "Ben Fenwick

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