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Point broke



has less than $50,000 to his name, but owes at least 10 times that
amount (and perhaps half a million more). Since HBO’s “Entourage” is
history, thus denying him any further appearances playing himself, it’s
unlikely he was going to luck into a gig lucrative enough to pay all
that back.

Don’t feel
too bad for him; the guy has admitted he cheated the government out of
state and federal taxes for more than a decade, to the tune of $451,000.

those bankruptcy docs, Busey listed everything — and we do mean
everything — he owns. Among the more unusual items are: —300 VHS tapes,
—200 cassette tapes, —a “painting of an Indian,” —five pairs of
moccasins, —a “fabric strap with an attached eagle talon,” —one broken
pellet gun, —one boogie board and —two tambourines.

Gary, is your 1986 war film “Let’s Get Harry” among one
of those 300 VHS tapes? Since that movie is unavailable on DVD,
Chicken-Fried News will give you $3 for it, $2 if it’s signed.

Speaking of...

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