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Police arrest diaper-wearing Tulsa man



Police arrested a man recently after a rash of reports that he had been seen all over the Tulsa area exposing himself and wearing a diaper.


According to the Tulsa World and a Fox television report, the diaper flasher would enter a convenience store, go into the bathroom, then emerge in full regalia, sporting a diaper. After getting the clerk's attention, he'd expose himself, then make like a baby and head out.


Officer Mark Mears said the man's MO was odd to say the least.


"Indecent exposure occurs often, yes," Mears said. "A guy wearing a diaper, no."

The story reported the man was seen at convenience stores near 81st Street and Mingo Road and 91st Street and Memorial Drive. But the diaper man was not pacified, even after one incident in Broken Arrow, according to reports.


That one, according to Tulsa's Fox affiliate, KOKI-TV Channel 23, garnered one of the more interesting responses. There, a clerk confronted the diaper man during one of his dirty deeds, according to that story.


KOKI reported that when the diaper man exposed himself, the employee told him he needed to "go find someplace else to do that."


Good, down-to-earth advice we'd all do well to heed.


Anyway, police said the man appears to have turned himself in. They arrested Vernon Price Fausett, 27, at the Detective Division after he went there to be interviewed by detectives, Sgt. Gary Stansill said, according to another Tulsa World story.


Police were preparing an arrest warrant after being tipped off about Fausett, when the man came in and surrendered, the World reported.

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