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Police arrest former Sooner Holieway



Some news stories are just too hard to read. For University of Oklahoma football fans, this story in particular hurts as much as a linebacker blitz.

One of the darlings of Sooner football lore found himself behind jail bars "¦ again. Jamelle Holieway led the Sooners to the national championship in 1985 as a freshman wishbone quarterback. Recently, he led his way to jail after getting arrested for shoplifting at a McAlester Wal-Mart.

According to an article in the Tulsa World, Holieway and his female companion were caught taking about $86 worth of stuff from the store. They were booked into the city jail and probably would have been out in no time until a records check found Holieway had outstanding warrants, including failing to pay other fines. At that point, Holieway was optioned to the Pittsburgh County jail, where he later posted bail.

It just seems so hard to believe one of the greatest players in OU sports history continues to find himself hiking up orange jumpsuits. According to the World, Holieway has been arrested for driving under suspension, possession of marijuana and a bench warrant for failing to pay a speeding ticket.

For four years, Holieway was better known for speeding away from defensive tackles. Now he is fast on his way to another court record.

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