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Police patrol



It's a sad day when you can't even count on the cops to force that fast food employee who clearly stiffed you on your sixth chicken nugget to refund your money. But that's just what the people of Tulsa might have to look forward to after it was announced that the Tulsa police will no longer respond to certain calls.

It's as if they don't think chicken nugget thievery is a worthy crime!

But, according to the Tulsa World, it's not just the nugget meals of the world that aren't safe. Because of budget woes, the police department announced it has stopped responding to non-injury accidents and certain property crimes (like fraud or larceny) unless the suspect is still hanging around.

The announcement came after Tulsa laid off 124 officers, most of whom worked in patrol.

"Almost a third of our uniformed officers were laid off," officer Jason Willingham told the World. "It was inevitable that we were going to have to re-evaluate "¦ and these are the steps we felt like we had to take to maintain our response to the higher priority calls."

Willingham said the situation is hopefully only temporary. CFN hopes Oklahoma City can learn something from Tulsa regarding the public safety debate.

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