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In the past three years, at least 39 drivers in Dallas have been ticketed by police officers for the "offense" of being "a non-English speaking driver," according to a Dallas Morning News investigation in October. The software for officers' in-car computers features a check-off box with the phrase, perhaps leading officers (and their sergeants) to believe it constituted a separate traffic offense rather than merely an indication that the motorist might not have understood an officer's instructions. The police chief expressed shock at the report and promised to end the practice.

The Public Record: From the Findlay, Ohio, police: "A woman called the police early Saturday morning (Oct. 31) during an argument with her husband after he claimed that the woman's daughter performed oral sex on him, and the daughter was better at it."

From the Steamboat Pilot (Steamboat Springs, Colo.), Nov. 4: "Police were called to a report of a suspicious incident in the 2900 block of West Acres Drive where a woman reported that she found feces in her toilet that she did not think she put there."

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