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Political blog reports Oklahoma senator questions EPA



It seems what's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. At least it seems that way to Oklahoma's U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe.

The Wonk Room, a section of the political blog Think Progress, reports Inhofe and two fellow Republican senators sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency requesting information on how the White House Office of Climate and Energy Policy has been interfering with the EPA. And in June, Inhofe questioned whether the EPA was suppressing science because of the White House.

What's that? Your Spidey hypocrisy senses are tingling? Why? Could it be that Oklahoma's shining global-warming star spat at such an idea when a Republican ran the White House?

Well, here is what The Wonk Room found Inhofe to be espousing just a year ago: "This champion of 'transparency' however, attacked an investigation into the White House's interference with the EPA last year, saying that 'regardless of Administration, the President acting through the entire executive branch is fully entitled to express his policy judgments to the EPA Administrator.'"

Here is another contradiction Wonk found with the senior senator:

Under President Bush: "I consider this debate over censorship within the Administration to be a non-issue."

Under President Obama: "It's astonishing that EPA, so confident in the scientific integrity of its work, refuses to be transparent with the public about the most consequential rulemaking of our time."

Or how about this one:

Under Bush: "While I welcome the opportunity to discuss the latest science on global warming, doing it in this heavily political setting with a predetermined outcome focused on internal deliberations of the Executive is not the right venue for such discussion."

Under Obama: "From our limited vantage point, EPA's process of determining endangerment appears to be marred by bias and, to some extent, political manipulation."

Ah, your spider senses were right.

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