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Polly wanna parrot?


Owner Jack Malysa
By: Shannon Cornman

Aside from their terrifying, beady demon eyes, they have sharp objects attached to their bodies for the sole purpose of impalement. It is obvious that, in another life, I lived through a fowl-tastrophe of epic proportions.

My curiosity recently beat disdain, however, when I spotted a sign that read, “OKC’s Largest Variety of Hand Fed Baby Parrots.”

I wandered in, stiffly shuffling through the aisles of birdcages and birdseed until I made my way to the back. There, a separate room housed a large variety of hand-fed parrots. Still completely uncomfortable, I surprisingly made friends with a delightful Goffin Cockatoo.

He (or maybe she; I didn’t get that close) was a fantastic dancer and seemingly friendly. Granted, there were bars between my face and his/ her beak.

If you’re the type who actually likes birds, or if you’ve always dreamt of having your own aviary, Birds Etc. (6165 May; 810-1661) should be your first stop. The knowledgeable staff can tell you anything you need to know for the care of your feathered friends.

Are domestic animals more your speed? Grab your fur baby and head to Chasin’ Tail Pet Boutique (1714 N.W. 16th; 528-6400) in the Plaza District. From organic pet food and treats to up-cycled and unique gear like bow ties and leather necklaces, your dog or cat will look pretty cute sporting the new bling.

Once you’ve got your pooch accessorized, it’s only fair you show him or her off.

Take them to Central Park Dog Daycare (5420 N. Classen Blvd.; 858- 2275). Pups can enjoy a whole day or half-day or — while they’re in to play — get groomed. The place gives them the chance to socialize and stretch their legs while you’re at work.

Have a puppy or kitty who needs some playtime? Anne’s Country Club for Pets Inc. (4200 E. Britton; 478-2303) has space for the canines, grooming, training and a whole cattery. The latter is a kitty’s paradise, filled with carpet pillars to scratch and ledges from which to jump.

Whether your preference leans exotic or domestic, the metro has everything you need to embark into the wonderful world of pet parenting. Let’s shop, OKC!

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