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Ponca City man plans presidential bid



Although CFN is avoiding endorsements during this political season, we want to mention that a new presidential candidate lives right here in River City!


Er, it's actually Ponca City, but he's an Oklahoma resident! Independent candidate Richard Fleharty reportedly needs 40,000 signatures to get his John Hancock on the ballot, according to Fleharty, who has already shelled out $10,000 in his campaign thus far, wants to provide health care access to everyone and bring the troops home from Iraq. Did we mention he's pro-choice and anti-immigration?


"It ain't just like the last four or 10 years, it's been a long time coming," Fleharty told "I think about this stuff every day; problems and how to fix it, and this and that."


Before he can fly in Air Force One, Fleharty reportedly hopes to raise enough dough to purchase a mobile home and campaign the countryside.


His slogan? "Take a chance, your choice, your future."

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