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Ponca City man relieved to read he's not dead




Poor Rich Maril. He probably woke up one morning and was reading the newspaper, only to find out that he was dead.


A little blurb in The Ponca City News notified readers recently that the paper made a little mistake concerning their dead " uh, sorry " dear friend and resident Ponca Citian, Mr. Maril.


According to the newspaper: "A misprint in Tuesday's issue of the business page substituted the word dead for head in referring to the professional."


Oh, snap.


You see, Maril is the head professional at the Rolling Hills Country Club in Wichita, according to the Ponca City News. But people livin' in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. In previous CFN reports, rumors of intern Bucky's demise have been greatly exaggerated.


This little mishap cost the paper a major embarrassment, having to print this statement: "Longtime Ponca City Country Club golf professional Rich Maril is alive and well."


Which he probably is glad to learn.

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