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Ponca City man's sense of humor earns him 'Smoking Gun' notoriety



We love this one. Ponca City man David Mackie wanted a new credit card. The 35-year-old salesman went online to Capital One's card builder and personalized his new card, according to the Web site The Smoking Gun.

With what picture, you ask. Maybe a cute kitten or a snapshot of Gramps? Try actor Nick Nolte's infamous 2002 mug shot. You know the one, where a bemused Nolte, sporting a dashing Hawaiian shirt and some seriously luscious hair, is giving the police camera his best "why am I here? The last thing I remember is styling my beautiful locks on the way to the barbecue. I'm so confused, but I'm surly. Surly!"

Mackie uploaded his photo and got a quick e-mail announcing, "Congratulations! Your image has been approved."

Hmmm "¦ maybe Capital One needs to consider adding a carbon-based life form to its approval process. The credit card company sent out Mackie's shiny new card and didn't realize the error until the plastic was already burning a hole in Mackie's pocket. Capital One asked for the card back and Mackie agreed.

But, that hasn't been Mackie's only claim to fame. In early February, the Oklahoma man was at it again, according to The Smoking Gun. This time, Mackie pranked a Web site that sells personalized postage stamps. Using's design tool, Mackie uploaded a picture of everyone's favorite investor, Bernie Madoff. He was a bit slyer this time, however, adding a "HI DAD" to the stamp to throw screeners off his scent. 

We don't know what else Mackie has up his jokester sleeves, but we look forward to seeing who the next target is for a ribbing (as long as it's not us).

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