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Pop's Postmarks to make first-ever Oklahoma appearance



Tuesday's show at Norman's Opolis marks the first time playing in Oklahoma for the Miami, Fla., indie pop band The Postmarks.
Yet the band has ties with Flaming Lips manager Scott Booker and the Edmond-based music label he co-founded, World's Fair.
"We just sort of take each city as it comes along and kind of see what kind of riches it has to unveil," said Christopher Moll, chief songwriter.
The band has received several favorable nods from the press, including rave reviews from Pitchfork Media and Spin magazine.
"I'm honored by it," he said. "It's something I've been working at a really long time, and it's just kind of shocking that it's kind of coming together the way it is. I'm kind of speechless, appreciative and just hoping that I have the opportunity to keep on doing this."
Success didn't come overnight, however, as Moll has been doing music seriously since the late Eighties. He is 37 now, but he feels that he's at the right age for recognition, whereas a 19-year-old wouldn't know how to deal with the strain popularity produces.
"I don't know if I would have it any other way now," he said. "I'm really a firm believer things are meant to be the way that they happen." "Bryan Mangieri

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