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Pops stopped



A man who was dubbed the "Granddad Bandit" " when he may not be a grandfather at all " has finally been caught after an alleged string of bank robberies across 13 states, including Oklahoma.

The FBI caught 52-year-old Michael Francis Mara at his home in Louisiana. The Associated Press reported the balding Mara went peacefully into the cuffs of the police "¦ after spending six hours holed up in his home Aug. 11 with several guns pointing his direction.

Law enforcement authorities said Mara had evaded them for two years, walking around society like the rest of us schmucks, before some tips led agents to Mara. During that time, authorities said he was connected to 25 robberies.

It is unknown if he threatened bank tellers with a gun or stories of his possible grandchildren.

While Mara was old enough to be an elder statesmen of families, the FBI told AP Mara was given the nickname of "Granddad Bandit" simply because of his appearance.

"He just looks like everyone's granddad," FBI supervisory special agent Amanda Moran told AP.

See if this description fits: between the ages of 45 and 60, about 6 feet tall, weighing around 230 pounds. The suspect has short, grayish hair on the sides, and frequently donned wire-rimmed glasses, baseball caps and short-sleeved collared shirts. A gramps for sure.

"If he was standing behind you in the teller line while you're waiting for teller service, you wouldn't give him a second look," Moran told the AP. "He blends well with people, and his look reminds you of the fatherly granddad."

How dastardly!

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