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Poster platelets



Quick! Somebody call a "Priest Driven Ambulance!"

When Wayne Coyne wants to paint a poster, he don't use jelly " he opens up a vein.

He's always loved fake gore, but The Flaming Lips front man injected a little all-too-realism into his surreal form of visual expression by screen-printing a poster with his own blood.

And, of course, the whole process was documented by a video camera and broadcast to the world via the band's Twitter account.

In the video, a few vials of Coyne's crimson creativity are extracted and later emptied into a plastic cup.

"That's frightening, isn't it," he said, later adding that this is his first art experiment with his personal pigment. "We thought it would be silly to use some chicken blood or something like that."

Yep, that would have been ridiculous.

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