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PR Fail



was all … well … a-twitter last week when it came out that new Oklahoma Gov.
Mary Fallin would be celebrating with a special pre-inauguration family event
at Science Museum Oklahoma. Nothing wrong there. Except the food she’d be
serving to all the girls and boys, according to her inauguration website, was

was enraged. Using the #McFallin hashtag, local Tweeps shared their thoughts on
Fallin choosing burgers and fries — and not even burgers and fries from a
locally owned company — for her family event.

like to thank #McFallin for showing Oklahomans that we can laugh in the face of
childhood obesity,” wrote @D4M10N, in what we assume was a display of sarcasm.
And @MyJRNY came up with this zinger: “#McFallin is already McFailin.”

even spawned a stunt @marymcfallin account. Our favorite so far:

Mick Cornett’s office and asked to speak with Mayor McCheese. They hung up on
me. No sense of humor.”

Twitter, how quick to angry humor you are. Either way, Fallin still served up
McDonald’s at her Saturday event. But Chicken- Fried News has to ask: What
about Sonic?

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