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The Goldmans, who already operate the Uptown Kids clothing store on Classen Curve, thought it was time to get serious about sweets, so they built out an adjacent area. The simple concept was to create high-end, gourmet treats that not only revel in childhood nostalgia but also chic, modern innovation.

“We just took this idea and ran,” said Gary Goldman, who also works as Chesapeake Energy’s director of restaurant operations. “I am a kid at heart.”

Uptown Candy offers tremendous variety, presenting exotic flavors, unique selections and dietary options free of gluten and sugar.

Akin to the frozen-yogurt concept that puts choice in the hands of the consumer, the Goldmans’ spot sports a candy apple bar. Start by drenching an apple into rich, hot caramel or chocolate. Finish by dipping it into various candy toppings like Butterfinger, Snickers and Reese’s.

For a healthier approach, try granola or fruit.

A local baker trained in France supplies batches of macaroons. These dainty cookies, baked fresh daily, are sold individually or by the dozen.

Fudge is a big draw, as are hand-dipped chocolates, truffles and pralines. Prices are low and the quality is high, with bulk prices ranging from $4.99 to $16.99.

architect Rand Elliott designed the store’s interior with bright, cubic
patterns. Big, cheerful bins hang on the walls, making it easy to spot
your favorites of yesteryear and today among more than 80 items,
including licorice, chocolate almonds, jelly beans, milk balls and gummy
bears. Packaged candy, created under Uptown Candy’s own brand label, is
also available.

Goldman said she wanted to capitalize on what similar shops nationwide
are doing, but with a Classen Curve twist: Gift baskets are called
“sugar cubes” and are housed in Plexiglas boxes instead of actual
baskets. Creative candy combinations celebrate local sports favorites
like the Oklahoma City Thunder, Oklahoma State University Cowboys and
University of Oklahoma Sooners. The cubes can be personalized for
birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

“We’re going to have really cool, modern, edgy designs,” she said.

To fill the
1,000-square-foot store, the couple scoured the marketplace for the best
products, an experience they described as fun, overwhelming and

“With the
space we have, we had to be very selective,” said Gary Goldman. “We’re
offering things not available anywhere around here.”

you can’t get to the store, no problem. Uptown Candy offers a candy bar
catering service. People can treat guests at parties or events to
sample a selection of candy, from the sweet to the sour.

inspiration is just being able to provide a unique product to the
community,” said Gary Goldman. “On a good day or a bad day, everybody
still loves candy.”

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