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Reviewer grade: D+


Why do strange things happen to good people? I dunno. Maybe because they've lost their faith in anything bigger than themselves. Or they've lost their ability to find a good script. There you go "? "Premonition" in a nutshell. I just saved you nine bucks. Thank me by dropping some of it in the poor box next weekend. Sandra Bullock stars as a wife and mother who wakes up one morning to learn that her husband has been killed in a highway accident, and wakes up the next to find out that he hasn't. Repeat until your bladder tells you it's time to do something else.


This is one of those twisty-time pictures that could revel in its lack of sense but instead tries not only to explain itself to you, but uplift you at the same time. It will do neither. Bullock is better than this material. Hell, Tara Reid is better than this guff. The movie is not a thriller, not sci-fi, not a romance, not entertaining. It's a jigsaw puzzle with the most important pieces missing. You be missing, too. PG-13


"? Doug Bentin   

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