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PRESS RELEASE ReadOKC gets back in the game despite challenges


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The 2019-20 school year didn’t end like any other – but summer break will still be a time for Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) students to “Get in the Game” with ReadOKC!

During each school break, ReadOKC issues a challenge for elementary students to read at least 20 minutes a day. Students record their time reading books, magazines and on the MyON app. Those who meet the goal receive a medal, and top readers and schools earn other prizes.

This summer’s challenge runs from May 9 to August 9.

“This is the fourth summer we have asked students to ‘Get in the Game,’” said Mary Mélon, president and CEO of the Foundation for OKCPS and chairwoman of ReadOKC. “Each year, and each break, students get more excited about earning their prizes. Most importantly, they read more and set themselves up for success in school and life by developing a love of reading.”

OKCPS Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel said focusing on reading this summer will help students when school resumes.

“Regardless of what our learning environment might look like in August, we know that a student’s ability to read and comprehend is essential to academic success,” McDaniel said. “I hope our students will relax and disappear into books they love each day this summer. Whether it’s reading something they find at home, at the library, online or in the book packets we have distributed with instructional materials, we hope this ReadOKC challenge will keep young minds engaged through the summer months.”

ReadOKC promotes the love of reading to OKCPS elementary students, recruits caring adults to serve as Reading Buddies and improves access to reading for all children.

About ReadOKC

ReadOKC is an initiative of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Compact, which promotes the love of reading to OKCPS elementary students. The Oklahoma City Public Schools Compact’s primary mission is to create and stimulate ownership of OKCPS and its outcomes. It is comprised of Oklahoma City Public Schools, the Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, the United Way of Central Oklahoma, and the City of Oklahoma City.

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