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PRESS RELEASE Stargazer Edibles launches Churned This Way Pride ice cream


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Stargazer Edibles, award-winning producer of cannabis infused ice cream products, chocolate bars and cookie dough for the medical marijuana industry in Oklahoma, is releasing a special flavor to commemorate Pride Month in the state.

“Recognizing some of the challenges that we have faced with the outbreak of COVID-19 and how that has affected programming for the year, we wanted to do our part in not only celebrating Pride but also to contribute to the efforts of fighting social injustice and social inequality in Oklahoma,” announced Stargazer CEO RaShaun Robinson.

Stargazer is producing Churned This Way, a special limited-time cereal milk-flavored ice cream with rainbow crunch pieces topped with edible glitter, available at participating dispensaries through the month of June. 50% of the sales will be donated to the benefit the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center of Oklahoma.

Stargazer Edibles is an Oklahoma-based purveyor of fine chocolates, cookies, and ice cream products infused with THC. We focus on using superior ingredients sourced locally from various suppliers to produce edibles of the highest quality. Our goal is to give to customers an exceptional experience — both in flavor and in high — by ensuring accurate dosing for a consistent takeoff and landing on every flight. More info at

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